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Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

The use of old coffee grounds is as an organic fertilizer. They work well anytime you want more nitrogen and moisture in the soil, such as when you’re digging new planting beds for heavy-feeding vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Serbuk Kopi boleh dijadikan baja organik kepada tanaman anda. Jangan bazir kan wang anda dan gunakan semula bahan buangan dapur anda. Kembalikan kepada tanah sebagai nutrien tanaman anda sendiri. 

Diari Tani- Rekabentuk Tong Baja Kompos Anda

Hoop Bin
Advantages: The most basic of all bins. Easy to fill and inexpensive. Can be purchased as an adjustable container made out of black recycled plastic, or built at home using chicken wire and stakes.Disadvantages: May attract insects and animals. Can be difficult to turn or aerate. Nutrients are lost from rainfall and leaching.
Slatted Bin
Advantages: Sturdy design is attractive and permits plenty of air circulation. Removable slats make it easy to add and empty materials. Large capacity.Disadvantages: Will not deter rodents or animals. Requires heavy turning or aerating for faster break-down of organic materials. Nutrients are lost from leaching.
Covered Bins
Advantages: Attractive design and low cost make this the most popular composter available. Covered to help keep heat in and animals out. Many models offer a sliding bottom door for easy access to finished compost.Disadvantages: Works best when loaded all at once as opposed to smaller amounts each time. Can be difficult to turn with a pitch fork.
Rolling Composters
Advantages: Unique design makes it easy to turn and aerate the pile. Can be rolled to your garden area, loaded up and rolled away. Lid helps deter rodents/animals and keeps the rain out. Large capacity.Disadvantages: When loaded with materials can become heavy and difficult to roll. Sufficient space is required.
Compost Tumblers
Advantages: Neat appearance and efficient design makes it easy to turn the contents. No need for a pitchfork or aerating tool; just turn the handle. Decomposition occurs very quickly. Sealed container protects compost from animals and weather. Does not require a large amount of space. Very popular.Disadvantages: Can be costly, depending on the size of the container. Works best when materials are added all at once.
Worm Bins
Advantages: A convenient way to convert kitchen scraps into worm castings, the gold standard in compost. Requires very little room and can be kept inside or out. Kids love them!Disadvantages: Worms and table scraps must be separated out when harvesting castings. Requires occasional care. Odors will develop if overloaded with food. Temperature must be somewhat regulated, as worms prefer temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. May attract fruit flies.
Food Waste Digesters
Advantages: More like a disposal system than a compost bin (no compost is harvested). Food Waste Digesters are used for breaking down kitchen scraps and reducing your family’s trash. Reduces household waste by up to 20%. No turning required.Disadvantages: Should not be used for garden trash. Resulting waste residue can build up and will need to be removed every year or two.

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